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It would be a mistake to take the title "The truth in painting" literally. It is a quote from a letter by Cézanne and was unfortunately also used as the title of a philosophical book by Jaques Derrida. I would like to have it regarded as a kind of motto for my work and as a kind of illusion or self-deception, which the artist needs in order to make art.


On this website I have assembled texts, sketches and designs, which allow the visitor a glimpse at the concepts, methods and ideas behind my pictures.

As the texts are not intended to be profound essays on art, they are as short as possible and rather assertive than argumentative. There is room for discussion in the FORUM** . I would be glad if the visitors used it excessively !

I cannot think of a proper translation of the bonmot at the end of my German introduction: "DER WILLE ZUR KUNST" ist weit verbreitet, allein die Mittel sind oft arg begrenzt!”, which means something like: Nowadays all the world wants to make art, but unfortunately mostly there is more will than skill !

Klaus Gropper

*Title of a book by Beat Wyss from 1996

** We regret that we had to remove the "Forum" because of the many silly entries, which we did not like. But of cause I would be glad,if you sent me an E-Mail (webmaster